XON Episode 1

Game for android

No story in this game is not present, adding to the intrigue. All the developers say – you are on another planet and in front of you, the job-puzzle. Information not to say the least impressive, so you will have to start from scratch.

XON Episode 1

And what to do?

Start the game you find yourself in a completely unfamiliar place where in the small mountain gorge are, unusual construction. One look at them is enough to understand – this is not a creation of human hands, and understand their purpose on the move just will not work. To walk around and look around. To go it is necessary not for long, location not too big, some where you will notice a big shiny black balls on the pedestals, approaching them closely, you will easily find out that this emitters, and they can transmit energy through rays, and that’s where the sending and why, you have to understand yourself, won’t spoil the suspense tips. Looking around the building you will find a variety of buttons and levers, secret passages and strange mechanisms.

XON Episode 1

All these are in one way or another to use, the main thing to understand, because the alien technology without the instructions for use obscure and will have to act almost at random. Control in the game is quite strange, the right part of the screen is responsible for the review, and the left divided invisible line into two parts, touch the bottom is responsible for moving forward and touch the upper – for the movement ago. Not the most appropriate variant, a lot more would have been an ordinary joystick. In order to do with the objects of any actions they needed to be treated in a tight, then it will be enough just to touch you are interested in the object.

XON Episode 1


That’s what the game to blame cannot, so it is in bad graphics. The picture turned out just fine, well-worked out fine details down to grass and flowers underfoot. Do not forget about the effects, such as solar flares. On the location to walk just pleasant and interesting.

Game for android XON Episode 1

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