Tower Boxing

This game is missing a lot of things, for example there is no plot, there is no logic and there is no regret to the player, because the game will be very difficult. The idea of the game is to get you smashed, destroyed and ruined skyscrapers! Why? – unknown! Why? it’s also unknown! But it is clear!

game Tower Boxing
Method of destruction of skyscrapers here is very original – you take under the control of the great boxer, boxer mutant, apparently, and the size of a two storey house, another blow is capable of a whole floor to make! So this big guy and will fight for high-rise buildings, reducing their height with unprecedented fury and speed! But in General, everything that can be said about the idea of this game 😉

game Tower Boxing1

Gameplay: the game is retro and 2D, respectively, so that the building is flat, to be from it you can either left or right, there’s no other alternative. Your bully threshing fists still, the building is becoming lower, but it left a hundred on the right you will come balconies or other projections, which you can pin down, so while bully gwbasic building your task in time to move it either to one or to the other side without allowing to be crushed. By the way, as practice shows, it is very difficult and your nerves are on edge.

The advantages and features of the game Tower Boxing:

– a dozen different fighters blasted, choose a favorite
– destroy all the familiar trademarks of the companies
– excellent graphics, only it retro
– fascinating and zombie soundtrack
– cool voice-over shock
– statistics achievements
– the game is free

Tower Boxing

Game cons Tower Boxing:

– the process is very repetitive, though, and tighten
– often skips ads
– if, for good, this immitation game Timberman

Conclusion: madly? YES! Tighten? YES! Destroys our nerves? YES! To put it simply, this game is recommended to all who love old games, everyone who has nerves of steel and a lot of patience, to all who are ready to surrender to the game with your head!


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