Star Warfare2:Payback

I will note at once that this game will become continuation of Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, is made the same way, and, probably, on the same cursor with little changes. The first part passed a long way to relative popularity, from completely paid to free with Donat, also in the first part there was a place for PvP that properly urged on interest in it. Therefore the new part of game absorbed all successful decisions from last so it is possible to download it free of charge and to battle in PvP too it will turn out without special problems.

game Star Warfare2 Payback

Game is divided into two main parts — campaign and PvP. Campaign will offer you various missions, you won’t call them interesting, but it is quite possible to run about. The main objectives will be reduced to destruction of this or that number of opponents, to a survival for a while, to occupation of territories or their deduction, it will help to examine the main functions of your hero, opportunities of modernizations and arms.

In general — I recommend to run about at first so, and already then to get into battles with other players. The PvP mode appeared with a surprise, namely — lack of a filtration on the level and strength of players so throw the hard can you to players of any level of a prokachennost that, by itself, will create an array of problems and troubles. But it is made not just like that, the main objective to show to players that without Donat they will be in the lower lists of a rating, having poured in a quantity of money it is possible to run safely in fight because then chances of a victory it will be much bigger…

The beautiful graphics became the only qualitative step forward in comparison with last part because the graphics was quite simple, strong complications in this part didn’t appear, but the picture became much more pleasant and without any uglovatost and similar defects.

game Star Warfare2
Pluses and features of the game Star Warfare2:Payback

– two modes of game — campaign and PvP
– there is an opportunity to battle to bosses as online, and offline
– beautiful picture and pleasant mechanics
– huge hordes of alien enemies
– the graphics allows to play even on average devices
– it is possible to download game free of charge

Star Warfare2 Payback
Shortcomings of the game Star Warfare2:Payback

– cruel Donat without whom it will be difficult to survive in fight against other players
– there is no ranging on levels and training of players in PvP

Result: the second part became definitely better, but the main counter of game — PvP which entirely caved in under Donat to fight with which it becomes more difficult and more difficult.


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