Space Bounties Inc

I think many people saw the gangsters in the movies about space, so even with the development of space technologies to trust anyone surely can not. That’s why the game for Android called Space Bounties Inc you will be able to arrange your private company for the capture of a dangerous and wanted criminals and bring justice to the galaxy.

The task will be difficult, but the reward will be very great. The game will please you with beautiful graphics in the style PixelArt, simple strategy elements and very easy operation. In addition, everything in the game is generated completely randomly, so the characteristics of mercenaries, enemies, maps, enemies – all generated by accident, and nobody can say when you win and when you lose

Space Bounties IncGameplay and control:

The game begins with you choosing one of the game slots (3), where you start his own company. Before you start hunting for dangerous criminals, you need to go to the Bounty Hunters and hire the best squad of mercenaries.

Of course, the mercenaries will not work for a reason, so before they are hired, you have to pay. The number of mercenaries really great, but the first thing you need to pay attention to the characteristics of each one. In the game there are different races: from people to alien cyborgs. In the characteristics specified and the amount of health, and a basic set of weapons (including damage), and, of course, the cost of a mercenary.

Space Bounties Inc 1

After that don’t forget to go to the Equipment section, where you can improve weapons and armor, and also to buy additional items: grenades, first aid kits, special syringes and stuff. After you have finished with the equipment, proceed to section Fugitives, and where are all criminals. Besides the appearance, you can also see the characteristics of the offender, to know what you are dealing with and whether to attack him. If you decide to attack, then click add to add fighters into the slot and then proceed to the landing, clicking Launch Portal. The fight takes place step by step, i.e. first attack, and then attack the enemy.

To catch the perpetrator, you need to go through 3 different battle, so that tactic in the game is very not hurt. The control is made simple clicks, it is very simple and convenient.

Space Bounties Inc androidGraphics and soundtrack:

Graphics – PixelArt is a quality that is perfectly suited to this game, but instantly alienate not all fans of this style. The soundtrack deserves special praise, a solid 5. To summarize: Space Bounties Inc is a unique opportunity to create their own company to arrest dangerous criminals, but also one of the few games with a fully-generated world. This is an excellent game for tablet or smartphone. Enjoy the game!


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