Soldiers 4 Star troopers – continuation of the excellent TD

Toy soldiers continue their war and now it has grown to the cosmic scales. You have to lead an army of valiant soldiers who had dared to challenge the alien race of cyborgs who want to destroy all life on mother Earth. The game is called “Soldiers 4: celebrity forces” and boasts a beautiful graphic design, well-balanced gameplay, where you need to properly accommodate all of their units as well as an extensive system of pumping, a lot of enemies and easy to master control.

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The gameplay and management:

All in the game there are 3 episode 24 level in each of them. The goal of each level – it will endure all the waves and not to give any enemy unit to get to your base. If you managed to defend the base, you will get a reward of 3 huge star and 170 stars experience that will be able to spend on new improvements for 4 types of towers: quick-firing laser, plasma thrower, plasma gun and anti-aircraft complex. In addition, you will be able to spend experience points for the purchase of additional slots for your towers. Yes, one of the most important features of this Tower Defense is an opportunity to save any units that participated in the battle. It is necessary that at the beginning of the next game you: first of all, paid less for the installation of the tower, and secondly, had immediately tower with the accumulated experience, without which the newly installed tower you can’t improve.

Download Soldiers 4 Star troopers.

The tower can be placed on designated points. If you see that the situation is not in your favor, you can use special equipment, which at the moment will destroy all the enemies and will help you to win this fight, but be aware that you can buy them only for special equipment. Also worth mentioning is the achievement system, which in the game are very well implemented. Now you will have an incentive to get the achievement, because in each and every achievement you get experience points, which once just never will. Management is based on a simple touch and gestures, to understand it will be very easy.

Download Soldiers 4 Star troopers

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Games of this series have always been famous for beautiful HD graphics, excellent special effects and animation, as well as beautiful optimization. This game is no exception to the rule, developers have done their best. The soundtrack and the sounds picked up quite well, although some users do not like the strange sounds of shots. To summarize: “Soldiers 4: celebrity forces” is balanced, beautiful and exciting Tower Defense, which is really fun to play, because the victory’t depend on the number of embedded real money, and on the skills of tactics. This is a great game for tablet PC or smartphone, which will please every fan of Tower Defense. Enjoy the game!


Download Soldiers 4 Star troopers free

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