Monster Shooter 2

Game for android

Enemies you will not just a lot. a lot will destroy all who will meet on the way, to appear insidious aliens will literally out of thin air. However, your character also to the human race is not true, but to protect their new homeland got up the mountain and virtually alone ready to stop intruders.

Game for android Monster Shooter 2

The game is an arcade shooter, you have to visit on the streets of the city and suburbs, in the deserts and Arctic glaciers, despite the difference surrounded by the essence of the game change will be weak, you will attack the crowd offsuit aliens, a you will need to turn them into mincemeat.

Game for android Monster Shooter 2

The behavior of your enemies will be significantly different, some will be able to shoot at you, laser beams, others to fold in armor-piercing balls and knock you on your feet, while the others will be easily destroyed slightest shot. But every enemy will find their weapons, all in the game for about twenty varieties of weapons, and in almost all can be improved. You can use flamethrowers, machine guns, pistols, mines and grenades, and not all of them will be of terrestrial origin, especially looks interesting mechanical suit.

Game Monster Shooter 2

Control in the game is made on the things we have seen more than once in Android games scheme combining virtual joystick and button firing. The buttons are very large and comfortable, so management is being developed in couple of minutes. Around the button of the fire will be little buttons use of grenades and mines, as well as the lever of change weapons. Recharge will happen automatically, so a separate button for this is not provided.
The graphics are quite decent, location is very carefully designed and filled with lots of small items. Because you are waiting for the city of the future, then wonder holographic trees in the streets is not worth it.

Game for android Monster Shooter 2

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