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The film Interstellar will be released worldwide on November 5, but the game came first to “warm up” the audience. As shown, past games have not blown up the market, but, probably, this goal has not been set, just some addition to the films, fans will be very happy to see on your smartphone or tablet. The film and the yoke will tell us about the development of deep space, which became possible after the discovery of spatio-temporal tunnel, but only if the action will take place both on Earth and in space, the game will allow you to work only with the cosmos, but more in depth.

Interstellar android

The whole gameplay will take place in the vast universe, of which you can create yourself, in collaboration with other players, the scale of this process is impressive! What pleases me, the lesson for yourself here you will find almost everyone, because some of them are very different from scientific gathering to the regular arcade game with elements of physics! It is worth noting that the game is created on the basis of science, so that Newton’s laws work here at 100%, keep this in mind as you come in the gravitational fields of the planets! In General, astrophysics and space mechanics will remain satisfied with how the game is implemented, you only easy solution is to go to the depths of space or wait for the movie.

game Interstellar
What awaits you in the game Interstellar:

– the ability to create, together with other players in the whole solar system
– take control of planets, asteroids and stars
– saleeite to visit other players and explore their worlds
– try your skills on the range on one tank
– collect research data and deliver them to their home planet
– study black holes
– suck your spaceship to explore the space without unnecessary interference
– model required for opening of achievements and rewards
– enjoy beautiful graphics, especially beautiful planet 😉

The disadvantages of the game Interstellar:
– due to the lack of specific jobs, many will be bored after the first day of the game
– music would be not too much
– there are lots of small flaws, I hope they will do

Conclusion: a very good game, even if you don’t tie it to the movie, it would be doubly nice if after the film’s release, the developers will not throw it in the back burner as the tool is no longer needed.


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