Impossible Draw

Just enter in Google Play, the word “Impossible” and you will see huge variety of the most unusual hardcore games. Perhaps among them if you are game for Android called Impossible Draw. In its game mechanics, the game is very similar to the hit Smash Hit, but only with some interesting innovations. In addition, the game is simply stunning graphics in neon style and fairly simple operation.
Gameplay and control:

Impossible DrawThe aim of the game is to have time to draw the characters, which gives you a system. After all, the main character travel inside the computer system and tries to find the secret of Cuba, which are hidden everywhere. Some characters simply to draw, and some difficult. Moreover, in some cases you need to pay attention where you started drawing the character, because even if you just draw, but not on the end, the game may not take the symbol. For each successfully drawn the symbol you earn a few bytes of information that can be spent on a new set of levels, game modes, music, effects, and boosters.

By default, the fan is only one game mode – Campaign, in which you need to collect sensitive cubes scattered throughout the levels. Because they are on different levels, then you should definitely click on the 3D Grid (in the lower right corner) to show the location of the cube. The second mode, which you can open is Advanced Testing. It differs only in the fact that you need to draw the characters and with each new character speed will increase.

After the mode is almost the same, but with some interesting changes that you learn in the game. Character recognition is fast enough, but not always accurately. The game requires that the characters were drawn quickly and efficiently, but sometimes there are situations when it seems like a perfectly drawn character is still not recognized. Management tied it on the drawing data of characters, nothing more to do not have.

Impossible Draw2
The graphics and soundtrack:

On graphics, the developers have tried their best, but with optimization, there are some problems. Perhaps they did not notice only the top users of devices, but in any case, the Nexus 7 2012 Android 4.4.4 game unpleasantly slow. The soundtrack is made in the genre of electro. Let’s summarize: Impossible Draw – this is an interesting game mechanics, stylish graphics, fun and easy to understand gameplay, and easy management. The game is free, but Donat. Thanks and enjoy!


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