Great Jump for android

Flappy Birds have taught the majority of players to such a concept as “hardcore” and it was really amazing phenomenon. Because hardcore games and Flappy Birds, but such a huge popularity of them. Perhaps this is due to the simplicity of the game, and perhaps this is the exception to the rule. Anyway, game for Android called Great Jump is, thank God, not another clone Flappy Birds, but the same hardcore game, with simple controls, stylish graphics and different game mechanics.

Great Jump for androidGameplay and control:

The essence of the game is that you need to jump from one platform to another, while the mechanism of the jump is implemented really hardcore. The first 5-10 minutes you will be corny to get used to the game mechanics, to remember how hard you want to jump at one point or another. On each platform there is a special button. If the main character after the jump will get it on it, then you get +2 points, and if it just gets to the platform, you get +1.

Great Jump android

The game also features leaderboards and achievements, which will earn you a very long time. The table records (currently) the maximum number of points is 48, and the achievements you need to score 2500 points to get the last achievement. If you really want to ruin your health and your smartphone/tablet, then good luck in obtaining it. Control is realized by a single finger. Hold your finger on the screen and then bring it to the side, while the black arrow will appear over the main character. The size of the arrow depends on the strength of the jump, so try and remember. If the main character appears a red x, it means that you can’t jump in this direction. The controls are very responsive, but it is sensitive can be further adjusted in the game settings.

Great JumpGraphics and soundtrack:

As a visual framework chosen not PixelArt, and a modest, hand-drawn 2D graphics, with good special effects and animation. Stability no problems were found, and on optimizing the developers did a great job, even on ultra smartphones (except ARMv6) will work without problems and glitches.

The soundtrack is missing, the sound effects matched very funny. To summarize: Great Jump – this is a great, hardcore 2D time-killer that looks very fresh and, surprisingly, draws from the first minute of the game, so drink the pills and start the game with tranquility. It is distributed for free, donut is missing. Enjoy the game!

Great Jump for android


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