Game for Android School of Dragons

Game for Android

School of Dragons – free fun the game on motives of a wonderful animated film “How to train your dragon”.

Game ” School of Dragons v. 1.6.0 for Android is a virtual world based on the fairy tale, filmed Studio DreamWorks Animation. If you have seen the cartoon, understand the game, you will be certainly easier, but if not, to understand as to what you will have no problems.

School of Dragons

The essence is that for several centuries the dragons and the Vikings fight amongst themselves. It’s always been up to the moment when the son of the chief of the Viking village not made friends with the dragon. This was the beginning of a large truce, but because dragons bit clumsy and not very obedient, people need your help. You must tame good, but not completely safe creatures, to continue the peace of all.

School of Dragons

Finally, you will have your own dragon, which you can choose among wide range of different and interesting species. “School of Dragons” the main attention is attached communication between your dragon and you. The player accepts, raises, trains and develops a friendship with its dragon. This is not such an easy task, it will require you time, because to achieve the objectives within a few hours you will probably fail. Nevertheless, it is important that each player separately developed its relations with the ward, strengthening friendship with our dragons.

School of Dragons

Plunging into this interesting world, players will have the opportunity to acquire new skills, using the scientific method. Unique activities such as alchemy, fishing, agriculture will involve some elements of science that will help players to develop and improve their knowledge in these areas. In addition, players during the game can improve the problem solving skills, as they will need during their participation in various events, helping the Vikings with problems, and of course in the adventures that they will encounter. In this new and unique game on an Android phone offering exciting exploits, that requires your active participation at every step, and which will help you to become a great coach fantasy creatures.

School of Dragons

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