Freedom Fall

Game for android

Saving princesses taken great princes, but not this time, your character and the criminal escaped from prison, but not to leave if somewhere in this tower languish beautiful Princess and all the prison walls painted with calls for help and promises of eternal love to the Savior. The word getting out of the prison gate, you need along the way to look at the prisoner, but the creators of the game transparent hint that the Princess may not need at all in any salvation and be saved will have from her.

Game for android Freedom Fall

Long way down

If you want to understand the game imagine jumper on the contrary, that is, you have to jump all the time up-but to fall down, periodically braking on different platforms and avoid numerous pitfalls. At the first level you will often enough to meet the save point, they will look like as a small pedestals with two torches, nerveuses on another trouble you continue the way it is here, not the first level.

android Freedom Fall

Trouble waiting for you on the road a lot, so get ready to take the same path many times, the walls are littered with thorns, on platforms will put a great big stakes, and on chains hung huge balls that can easily turn your hero into a stuffing. You can not only blindly jump into the abyss, but also to slide along the walls, pull-jump and do not forget to take advantage of various tools, for example fans, modify the created air flow with the trajectory of your fall.

Freedom Fall

Design and management

Over the design of the game developers have worked notably, all the details on the levels can be seen in every detail, animating your character is beyond praise, all the movements are very clear and correct, that leaves only positive impression. There are in the game and the visual effect they are not many, but they made no less quality than the rest. Music, too, are well chosen, cheerful melody specifies the game your time and not get bored.
But with the management of the creators of the game failed, they refused virtual buttons and joysticks instead, they divided the screen into three parts. A narrow strip in the bottom of the screen will be responsible for the jump, its height is limited to two small marks on the edges of the screen, the rest of the game field is divided imaginary vertical line, touch the left and right parts are responsible for the movement of the hero. Get used to such management have long and not the fact that you get.

Game for android Freedom Fall

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