Free download SLINGSHOT BRAVES for Android

SLINGSHOT BRAVES offers a different perspective on familiar battle.

Then the game to belong to the noble RPG genre is not in any doubt, all that has to be a worthy representative of this genre there is deployed storyline, quests, many subjects, raising the level of experience… and even the Asian origins of the current project is not cheat and although anime coloring here enough, but there is one feature, let’s try to understand.


So what is new?

The game begins well established procedure, for a long monologue in English introduce you to the essence of the story, you may skip or not to your liking, then a brief training and registration, where you are prompted to enter an invite code, and creation of character, where you can choose a floor, a hairstyle and hair color on this with a Foreword over, to delve into the story or not your case, no special influence on what is happening, he will not have, and quests do not require a specific understanding of what is happening. What all such unusual in this game? Not as strange as it battles, they are so unusual that I even had doubts, not arcade is it just nicely decorated.


The point is that no usual Tapani enemies or virtual joystick buttons responsible for the attack is not here, instead, you have to shoot at the enemies of virtual slingshot, at that meeting on a way of enemies they’ll cut up, and then proceeding to fly away when on the road again enemies are caught, that’s great, will kill another one. The first game will be fun iron beings, but don’t be fooled by their appearance, they toothy and painfully biting, when it comes their turn to act. Later you will meet real giants like dragons, for elimination of which it is necessary to apply special skills vested characters. With each dead enemy will drop coins, and the last monster will bring you a reward for a quest. Spending have earned in-game store where you can buy new equipment and weapons.


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Framed game in drawing style modelki quite interesting and extraordinary items add originality. During the battle you may not distracting to look at what is happening, because once you have made progress only thing that remains true if the style of the anime you do not like, the game may not like. Disadvantage is a low resolution, why on the big screen, the picture looks washed out.

To play SLINGSHOT BRAVES on PC, you need to download and install on your computer emulator Android bluestacks. Then, through the emulator to install it on your PC



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