Escape from Yepi Planet

This rather ordinary at first glance of the game take place on a distant planet, which, judging by the title referred to as Yepi. There are a lot of forests, wildlife and in full harmony live “local” people, which was attacked by aliens from another planet. But to play you need not the whole nation and one of its representatives is a humanoid who looks rather strange, something like a Teddy bear yellowish with antennas instead of ears. Anyway, he was faced with a classic problem with many games – his girlfriend has been captured by a terrible alien! So we are waiting for the next adventure in the final which you want to save the Princess 😉

game Escape from Yepi Planet

The gameplay.
The game is made as a kind of arcade game with puzzle elements. Each level is a little space where you want to do something. What is the most important question you will ask yourself, from the first level. And what exactly to do this is to go further, and here is how… This game is quite different from many others, there is almost no equal jobs, moreover, there is almost no jobs, the analogues of which you have somewhere once did. For example you want to move into a pig, or hijack an enemy spaceship, or to compel the animal to bend the branch on which you sit to get through. In General the job of funny, weird and generally difficult, but possible to guess, especially if there is an unlimited number of replays, so don’t be afraid and try everything.

The clearance.
With the design of the game is a little disappoint. To say that she once suffered from this impossible, but the graphics here is more than simple, classic 2D abstractions in the background, detailing useless and the picture as a whole does not make any impression at all. The characters look strange or even silly, clumsy animation… Someone on the contrary may not like some of the levels which will be performed in toxic colors. But that’s not the point.

game android Escape from Yepi Planet
The advantages and features of the game Escape from Yepi Planet:

– interesting levels and puzzles
– the most unusual jobs
– quite suitable intelligent children
– the game is free

Escape from Yepi Planet
Cons play Escape from Yepi Planet:
– design in General
– the game is rather short, especially if long time not to hang at the level
– there is no translation into other languages, only native
– sometimes glimpsed advertising

Conclusion: the controversial game, looks to the bathroom, is played on a five, but if played, it is quite long, which is sad


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