Download World of Goo on Android

The hit of 2008 among indie games World of Goo moved on Android. What you do not know?! Shame, comrades! You’ll have some explaining to do…

Download World of Goo on Android

Everyone knows that oil create different polymers. And everyone knows that oil terribly pollute the environment (especially water). What would happen if droplets of oil were alive? Right – they don’t want something to pollute. In World of Goo, in fact, that’s what it takes: using less oil droplets, to create polymer construction that will reach pipes “finish line” of each level. In this tube will suck all the remaining drops, and if enough of them – the level is complete. And if more than you want anything else, and bonus points you get.

Download World of Goo on Android

The beauty of the game is that most of the levels you can go a lot of ways. All depends on the imagination of the player, because he did not prevent to create any design (only the force of gravity prevents, except that). The result is a flight of imagination and creativity are appreciated. Go for it. It is no wonder that the game took the second place in the rating “the Best indie games of 2008” by the magazine “Igromania”.

Download World of Goo  Android

Yes, it is a two-dimensional arcade puzzle, but it is present plot, diversity and unique atmosphere. This makes the game a hit – remember Machinarium or Limbo. Some players just can’t break away from the World of Goo, passing his ten, fifteen, thirty or more times. Here you want it to create. Not to put something ready strategy, and to create their own, unique, which is (probably) no one previously thought.

So download and develop their brains, creativity and logic. And while the game looks a little bit gloomy, in it there is absolutely nothing negative. Continuous positive!

Download World of Goo

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