Download tTorrent on Android

Of course, the torrents just had to get to mobile platforms. And currently the most popular torrent client for Android is tTorrent. And nesprosta.

Download tTorrent

First, tTorrent supports most of the usual functions of the torrent-client PC, such as support DHT, options UPnP and NUT-PMP-routers, magnet links. The download only via Wi-Fi allows not to waste the mobile Internet to download files, and control power to suspend all hands at a certain battery. Configuring the number of simultaneous downloads/hands. IP filtering, encryption and proxy connection simultaneously accelerate download and “sweep up” Your pirate traces.

Download tTorrent on Android

Quick reference for those who not in the course of operation the torrent system. A file (such as film) is a smartphone user of the Internet. It (kindness) decides to share this film with all the others, and creates the distribution, i.e. the page file to the torrent tracker (the website) with the torrent file. This file is, in fact, is a reference to the movie (Yes, which “lies” in the phone memory). Everyone can download the torrent file and gradually download this movie yourself, interrupting and resuming the download time. If after downloading, do not delete this file, it automatically starts to be distributed to other users downloading it. More seeders – the higher the speed and the possibility of downloading the file (in fact the only dealer may be offline, and this is a “freeze” entire hand). Therefore, Internet pirates follow the unwritten law downloaded myself – give it to download another.”

tTorrent on Android

And consequently tTorrent currently the most convenient program for Android.

Download tTorrent on Android

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