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Each of you ever been to the circus and saw a rather dangerous acrobatic performances that curry is in the air that just boggles the mind. Now you have a chance to feel yourself in the role of an acrobat in the game for Android called Swinging Stupendo. But you will be doing not just cool tricks and terribly dangerous stunts, because you have to slip past the mini versions of the Tesla towers. One touch – the charge current is already around your body. Dangerous? Still!

Swinging Stupendo
Gameplay and control:

For those who are willing to risk the health of acrobat, you can safely start the game. It is worth mentioning that the game has two modes – Random and Daily Challenge. In the first mode, the levels will be generated completely by accident and every time you will pass a new level. If you much like, you can click Try Again to try to get it again. If he seem too complicated, then you can safely press Play and you will immediately get a new, unique level.

The second mode is a daily challenge. This level is created by developers, and you are encouraged to pass it and try to score as many points. Why is it necessary? To be the first on the leaderboard. In this case, the table will be relevant only for today, because the next day will be another, new level and you will again have a chance to get the first in the list.

Regarding game mechanics is only one thing to say is thought out and complex. Get used to the game the first time will be difficult, and because physics is very specific, and control, though simple, but requires some skill to at the time of releasing the rope and go up. Many will appreciate the fact that the game is controlled with one finger, so you can easily play with one hand.
Graphics and soundtrack:

When the weight of the game (only 35 megabytes), the developers have worked well over optimization. In addition, the game has a unique, beautiful style, which lures the first time, as well as a nice, smooth animation. Sound effects (like the cheering of the audience, applause, etc.), and the soundtrack matched just perfectly.

To summarize: Swinging Stupendo may be the best time-killer for you, due to the presence of an unlimited number of levels (each level in Random mode is randomly generated and the same levels you are unlikely to find) and a very simple operation. The game is free and no donation or advertising. Enjoy the game!

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