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Browser for Android

Photon Flash Player (Browser) for Android devices – a mixture of flash player and a browser.
According to developers of this application, this program for Android able to support streaming video, flash games, and open the web page where must use Adobe Flash Player, but as one doesn’t released by Adobe, we offer you to download Photon Flash Player (Browser) what would you like to enjoy the support flash on your gadget.

Photon Flash Player

Everything is simple – when you need to open a flash site or play the game in your browser , simply click the lightning bolt icon to activate support flash. Photon Flash Player (Browser) is a free application and it may display ads, but you can always purchase an annual premium to hide promotional materials. Although some browsers have the capability to work with flash, but it will require to download and install the plugin then all as they say on.

Photon Flash Player


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Main features:

Support of work with other browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.
* The support of unlimited number of tabs in the browser.
* Incognito mode – erase the history of your surfing on the Internet.
* The support Flash Player 9.0 , Flash Player 10 Flash Player 11 and 11.1.
* The work with FLV files and support SWF playback.
* Ability to deploy player (browser) full screen.
File track you can change the color of the browser on any other.
File track smart address bar with tips.
* Free (with ads).

Download Photon Flash Player


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