Download Mobiwol: Firewall without root

Mobiwol: Firewall without root Deny applications to climb to the Internet.

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You are all faced with the fact that at Internet connection, certain programs for Android begin to climb to the Internet for updates, or even anything that leads to a slow browser and flowing away money for the mobile traffic. Most firewalls available on the market require Root privilege (root) to get where it is often necessary to perepisyvat phone. So hurry to make, we have found useful utility Mobiwol: Firewall without root – which will notify you if the application tries to access the Internet and will provide an opportunity to block or allow her this action. Before us similar DroidWall but not requiring Root rights. Protect your personal data from transmission in Internet spyware applications. Download Mobiwol: Firewall without the root, you can have a completely free on the button below.

Download Mobiwol: Firewall without root

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