Download Golosemennye on Android

Golosemennye for Android is the first application that allows you to change your voice during a call. Thus, you can play with a friend or amuse the company where you are. It is possible to congratulate happy birthday or other festivals their relatives and friends.

Download Golosemennye

For example, you can call your friend and tell voice of the dark side, that he got a notice from the military enlistment office. In order to use this service you need to download the application to your phone and choose one of the variants of votes which will be offered you.

Download Golosemennye


The voice which you will talk will also depend on your pronunciation so don’t talk too thin to stun your friend. The interface is very easy and understandable for all. Simply choose the voice and the number of the person you want to play or to congratulate, and then enjoy obtained emotions.

Download Golosemennye

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