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If you thought the zombie has passed, you are mistaken! Car race zombie is another arcade game in which you have to fight with bloodthirsty zombies. However, this time the developers propose to take no weapons and grenade launchers, and… good SUV, which will do all the dirty work for you. Just have to be alert: any unevenness on the road can cost you your life.

Car race zombies
Lohman, kill!

The main objective of the game on Android is killing zombies, seeking as quickly as possible to reach your brain and eat it in the most ugly way. So how do You a simple biker and a man in the Prime of life, instead of weapons decided to sit behind a formidable SUV, able to shatter bones were not buried the dead is much better than the old shotgun.

Car race zombies
Using the forward and back buttons, you must move forward and not lose control of the transport. Because of the large potholes and hills, the path will become challenging as reaching impressive speeds, the risk of roll over and finish the game with failure increases several times. On the way to collect living dead that touched since the car will turn into ashes and a handful of gold coins. Why do you need them?

Car race zombies

Crush, crush!

The proceeds of coins needed to upgrade your SUV. As runner involves killing zombies and careful driving, there are four parameters that can be improved: starting from the volume of the fuel tank and to the size of the wheels. What to download and put in priority – you decide.

The cost of pumping, unfortunately, the high and starts from 1 600 coins. Killing monsters on the first level only give 10 coins, so be prepared for a tedious and strenuous walks on his steel horse. New locations are opened as soon as you will pass several thousand meters down a lot of zombies on the way.

Download Car race zombies

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