Clash of the Olympians – Save the sacred temple…

The developers of Ironhide Game Studio are experts in the Tower Defense genre, about which implicitly suggests a series of games Kingdom Rush. This time, the developers decided to go to the other side of the Tower Defense genre and to change the atmosphere of the middle Ages on the Greek myths. It turned out quite well, and the name of the game for AndroidClash of the Olympians. The game boasts a corporate style, beautiful animation, fun gameplay, 3 characters (Hercules, Achilles and Perseus), versatile pumping characters, good ballistics weapons and specific management.

Download Clash of the Olympians free

The gameplay and management:

The essence of the game is that you need to confront crowds of enemies and not allow them to destroy the temple, which stands behind you. Enemies will be the most diverse, ranging from simple satyrs and to the most famous mythical creatures. Each of the 3 heroes has certain advantages and disadvantages over the other. So, for example, Hercules is very strong, but it is the longest restores stamina, and Perseus very quickly has a bow, but causes the lowest damage from all three heroes, and Achilles can be called the “Golden mean”because, all indicators have just an average. The only thing that can cause you to have difficulty in this game is the combat system.

Download Clash of the Olympians.

Shoot will have to learn quite a long time, because you will not give any of the sights and constantly have to aim at almost eyes. But if you hit the enemy in the eye, it is in most cases means death, so accuracy in aiming is your salvation from many enemies. After the fight you will be charged a certain amount of experience, which you can spend on pumping endurance, strength, to strengthen the Church, strengthen the weapons and impose on him a fire or electric effect. Management is based on a simple gesture, but everything in the game depends on how quickly and strongly you make the gesture. If, for example, you made a very sharp gesture, the projectile flying high and far, and if he did so reluctantly, far away the shell will not fly. Moreover, the missile flies not in a straight line, arc, as in real life.

Clash of the Olympians

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Graphics and soundtrack:

On a graphic style of developers has worked on glory, I have no questions, all at 5+. The soundtrack and the sounds of well selected, all happy and ears, and eyes. To summarize: if you are looking for is not donatnye Tower Defense, with a good, thoughtful and interesting gameplay, then don’t miss the Clash of the Olympians. The game is absolutely free, but there is no hint of Donat, therefore, do not forget to thank the developers for its assessment on Google Play. Enjoy the game!


Download Clash of the Olympians free

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