Atom Run for Android

Atom Run for Android is a fun toy, made in the best traditions of the game platformer genre. The game is set in an unusual mechanical world is by application developers was selected futuristic retro style. You need to jump, run, push and to overcome various hazards that occur on your way. Ready? Then go ahead!

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In the distant 2264 year in the result of man-caused catastrophe on the earth all living things die, survive only mechanical robots, due to the strong radiation effects of artificial intelligence was able not only to think like a man, but to experience feelings and emotions.

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The game atom RAS on Android offers us to play for brave robot named and Acupuncture, he decides to collect atoms and molecules to obtain the result is a real living mechanism. Keep in mind that we must act quickly because the number, your time is limited.

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Download Atom Run for Android on our website.

Download Atom Run for Android


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