Arabian Nights Bubble Shooter

I hope no one has yet forgotten the wonderful cartoon from Disney called “Aladdin”, which is particularly remembered for Russian translation and the song “Arabian night….”. Of course, game for Android called Arabian Nights Bubble Shooter any way this is not the problem, although if you look closely, you can see and Arabian night, and gin, and a brave hero, who agreed to solve all the puzzles gin, to satisfy his ego and he promised him a mountain of treasure. The game will be able to surprise and please every player, not a great atmosphere of the East, but the original mix of several game genres, as well as a great soundtrack.
Gameplay and control:

For those who have not yet had time to get acquainted with a nice casual Bubble Shooter genre, then this game will be a great example. The goal of each level is to collect a certain number of points, and to destroy all the balls that hang on the ceiling. To do that you’ll be using magic lamp Genie, but it will not be enough if the main character will not be able to shoot straight. You need to shoot in the same bulbs on the ceiling, which correspond to the colors of the ball on the Genie lamp.

Arabian Nights Bubble Shooter

Balls will be automatically destroyed when they are in the array will be 3 or more. Shoot straight in the balls is not necessarily, you can shoot at the wall and then the ball ricocheted will fly in the right place, if you will, of course, a good aim. When you destroy all the balls, the remaining balls automatically fired from the lamp and will fall in a special Kazanka, which give you extra points (on themselves Kazanka indicate the number of points that you earn, when it hits the ball).

After all the balls were in kasanka, begins the second part of the game (and there will be a surprise each player, because usually the game ended). Meet – pinball. Yes, the same who was still on Windows XP. Now you have the chance to earn extra points, not allowing the balls to fall down. Management in the normal game is quite simple.

You can either click on the place where you want to shoot, or hold your finger on the ball and move the sight in the right place. When you release your finger, the ball will fly to the specified location. In pinball, you need to press the left or right side of the screen to use a metal valve.

Arabian Nights Bubble Shooter1
The graphics and soundtrack:

Visually the game looks many times better than most of the competitors, plus the developers are perfectly conveyed the atmosphere of the East. The quality of the graphics corresponds to a strap HD. In addition, the atmosphere perfectly complements the soundtrack and sound effects. Let’s summarize: Arabian Nights Bubble Shooter is worthy of the attention of a casual game, with a well-designed atmosphere of the East, a large number of levels and very exciting, entertaining and easy to learn gameplay. Also, the game is completely free. Enjoy the game!


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