Zombie Diary 2 Evolution – Again saved the city from the zombies…

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A small town in the US again was infected with a dangerous virus that turned all around bloodthirsty zombies. You have to play for most ordinary people, who agreed to challenge the walking dead and to clean the city from this evil spirits. The game was named Zombie Diary 2 Evolution and is a scrolling shooter, with a huge number of severed limbs and other innards. The game boasts a beautiful hand-drawn graphics, fun gameplay, and easy to master control.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution

The gameplay and management:

The essence of the game is that you need to perform the mission, to earn money for new weapons and pump already current weapon. There are a sufficiently large number of missions, but the more it stands out 3 types of missions: survival at the time, the destruction of the objectives and the race by a mile. In the first mission you just need to hold out for a certain time, in the second – to destroy the specified number of zombies, and the third is to run a certain number of meters to take supplies. Also occasionally be used on the mission where you need to follow the survivors to a helicopter. Arsenal in the game is very diverse and will appeal to everyone.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution

Everything is available to you: starting from cold weapon and ending with the experimental weapons. Each weapon can be pumped for gold, but only the very first pistol, which you received, has infinite ammo. For the rest of the weapons will have to pay cartridges (during the fight, they can quickly buy). In addition, the game quite a lot of bonuses that slightly balances between or given and acceptable game. Every day you can twist 3 different drum and win more gold, crystals and potions. Also you get more gold for achievements and execute the daily jobs. The game is based on virtual buttons. On the left is two buttons to move left and right, to the right – the fire button and changing weapons, are kept in the center button to activate the booster packs.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics are very good, detail and style at the height of optimization is also very good, the game is not demanding to resources. The soundtrack and the sounds picked up very well, fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. To summarize: Zombie Diary 2 Evolution – very cool arcade shooter already slightly boring theme of zombies, but this game is not really spoils. The game is absolutely free, Donat is present, but without it you will not be infringed in the game. Enjoy the game!


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