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Somehow in all the games zombie accepted that shoot, and to escape the zombies have only survivors, and the military, police while in no way involved. Game for Android called Zombie Defense break these stereotypes and will allow you to lead the troops and military police who are supposed to protect tactically important point, in order to protect not only himself, his company and other groups, but to all the survivors who remained in the town. The game boasts a plot, which is summarized in the beginning of each mission and protecting the next point is already not like the repetition of the same, but well worth beautiful, dark 3D graphics, fun gameplay, which has mixed up two interesting genre (Tower Defense and basic elements of RTS), and very convenient operation, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

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The gameplay and management:

In the game a huge number of missions, each of which will have to pass before another, the more it will have to pass on an average level of complexity and more complex. At the beginning of every war you specify the strength of zombies, as well as their number, so that you have the ability to place the men. It should also clarify a couple of points: once you start the mission, you are given the condition that they should stand 5 waves. If you did it successfully, then it is proposed to hold another 5 waves of enemies, and after another, and another. All this is necessary so that in the end you got a huge cash bonus for pumping skill tree. If you have taken the +5 waves and lost,do not worry, you will be able to continue the game since the attack of this wave, but the next mission will not open until you pass the current.

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The skill tree is the main advantage of this game, because, it’s really huge, and to watch the whole thing will have to look through. The gameplay when it does not copy anything from other games, which, of course, very happy. On the field there is a special green areas on which you can place on your squad. Each of the fighters can be increased in rank, thereby increasing their characteristics. You can also invoke an extra set of grenades and make the yellow zone, which immediately to increase by two ranks any soldier, which will be located on the area. You are also free to move your units in the zones that incredible variety of gameplay.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game looks great, even slightly grim, but it is only of benefit to the atmosphere. Optimization in this game is excellent, play a pleasure. The soundtrack is, unfortunately, no, but picked up the sound of shots and other game events – just a class. To summarize: Defense is the unusual mixture of Tower Defense and basic elements of RTS, which from the first minutes will delay you sophisticated gameplay, easy to manage, huge tree skills and gloomy atmosphere. The game is free, Donat is missing. Enjoy the game!

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