Zombie Dead – Saving the city from the zombies.

Zombie Dead

Strangely enough, but during a zombie Apocalypse, infected mainly the inhabitants of distant towns, rural areas. In the game for Android called Zombie Dead decided to clear the city from the waves of zombies that come out of nowhere and infect the remaining survivors. The game boasts excellent cartoon graphics, lack of donation in any of its manifestations, easy operation and a large Arsenal of diverse weapons.

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The gameplay and management:

The objective of the game is that you planted in your city, and then try to run the specified number of meters to your point of salvation. During this period you must try to destroy as many zombies as you, because the number of destroyed creatures, you get more money. Money in the game play the most important role. For them you will unlock new characters, pump current weapon, buy new weapons and pay for the ticket in new journey. The game has the increasing complexity, i.e. every new race, the number of zombies and meters, which you have to run, will increase. The most pleasant thing in the game that you have three slots for weapons, in which you can equip whatever you want.

Download Zombie Dead.


By default, the main character is given a stick, gun and first aid kits (kits per race is given 4, and for them do not have to pay because, with every new race will be again 4 pieces). The number of rounds in the weapons are also limited, so most favorite weapon for you to become a club and its derivatives: axe, chainsaw, and other dangerous items. Pumping one weapon, you pumped the whole game Arsenal, which is very convenient. The game does not cause any problems, everything is simple and convenient. Left analog stick to move the character, and the right – 3 button to activate the weapon that you have installed. To apply first aid kits, you need to activate them by clicking on the appropriate button, and then press again to throw it on the ground. After that, pick up the first aid kit and health will be partially restored.

Download Zombie Dead

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Graphics and soundtrack:

I bow my head before the artists who worked on this game, because, firstly, all performed in HD, secondly, drilling, animation and special effects made at the highest level, and third – beautiful optimization. The soundtrack was created specifically for this game, and the composer is to Express separate gratitude. Let’s sum up: Dead Zombie – the best free game available in Google Play, because it is perfectly balanced, no donation, beautiful and well-thought-out gameplay. Enjoy the game!


Download Zombie Dead for free

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