Worms 3 now on Android.

If you have not downloaded the “worms” himself on Android, then it would be time to think about this very important action. And while you’re wondering, the game called Worms 3 slowly takes over the world, and developers from Team17 becoming richer and richer. The game boasts a much improved graphics compared with the second part, and unparalleled gameplay, you can hold hours of time and it still won’t get bored.

Worms 3
The gameplay and management:

There are several global game modes are local game and multiplayer. Local games there are 5 modes is a Campaign Quick game, a Training fight, the Mountains of bodies and Pasi and play. The first mode is a very interesting story missions, where you will be able to try out their team in action, and to squeal on eyed the face of your rivals. Mode Mountains tel you have to play only for one worm against the endless waves of enemies that each time become stronger and stronger. Mode Pasi and play will allow you on the same device to play with your friends. In multiplier you can play either with your friend or with other random player.

Worms 3

Game mechanics have remained virtually unchanged over time, the second part, but the developers are very well have added boosters that the game is called playing cards. They will allow to diversify the gameplay and save your team during a difficult battle. In just one move can use 3 card: dual until the beginning of the course and the turn ends. Control in the game have made quite comfortable and responsive. On the left is the analog stick, which is responsible for the movement of a worm, and gun control. A little to the right is a button inventory, where you can choose weapons available for you, and even more to the right is situated the fire button and jump.

Worms 3
Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics in the game is practically no different from the PC version of the game, so developers can safely be commended not only for optimization, but also for high quality graphics. The soundtrack sounds just outside the competition, especially the voices of worms. To summarize: Worms 3 is the best event that could occur on Android because, worms – a classic of the genre. This is a great game for tablet PC or smartphone, which will delight you with absolutely everything: from the stunning graphics, and ending at the best gameplay and convenient operation. Enjoy the game!

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