Ultra Kill

That is a classic platformer to tell makes no sense, and all so well know that it is enough to remember the first console and everything will become clear, then they played a lot, not only because of the small selection, but also because they were delayed, as giving an unforgettable feeling from those very same “struggle” for a few hours, not sparing their fingers, eyesight and nerves. In this game the developers from GIGL (the authors of “Natives” and other popular games) tried to restore justice and tried to bring back the good old platform hardcore with some modern features 😉

Ultra Kill

Did not start from scratch.
Literally half a year ago there was a game like Double Kill which were the developers of the Solar Games, but for some reason on a beta test, it failed to break through and the project was closed, and it is a pity, because many of the game was like. But the developers GIGL got the basis of this game and a little reframing gave it a second chance, cheers!

Ultra Kill1

What is so special about this game?
At first glance it may seem that the game is very ordinary and unremarkable, but actually all a little different, because she has some things we miss!
For a start it only online, and the need to fight only with real opponents, no bots, no campaign, no plot, grab a weapon and go ahead, kill, kill, kill! Apart from the fact that it is online, battle implemented on the principle of “Deathmatch” where every man for himself, and then to show what you are capable of you will have just a few minutes, so that the dynamics in the game is mind-blowing! In General, the name “Ultra Kill” it is more than justified, because it is rampant bloody action online and nothing more!
The design of the game is simple but pleasant, with plenty of weapons and it is very funny, to tell you there is no meaning, but one is the fact that there are clubs and squid… and so much more – look yourself 😉

Was not however without some drawbacks, which, however, are inevitable.
Since the game online get ready for Donat, but I hope that many have become accustomed to this axiom, which says “online = Donat, Ultra Kill to deny it don’t try, just to prove once again. In addition to the online donation means of access to the Internet for games, and in this case, the game is very demanding of the quality of the signal, so about the game through the mobile Internet can forget, only good wi-fi. And of course I like the control that someone may not like, so as to masitise have a lot and quickly, and this will require you to not only get used to the control that there is, but know it like the back of their hand, otherwise pokrechat you 😉

As a result, the game is Ultra Kill it is a fresh breath of harm boring ranero, zombies and other mass content for Android, as an option to spend the night after the action is perfect!


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