Trouserheart – Return the honor of the king…

In the distant Kingdom, distant country, there lived a brave king who quietly lived out his last days in a lonely castle. One day, flying in his dreams, he awakens from a terrible laughter and saw a strange creature that stole his pants. From that moment begins the wonderful adventures of the brave king. The game was named Trouserheart and represents one of the most interesting and easy to learn genres – hack’n’slash, which can be literally translated as “hack and slash”. The game boasts a wonderful, casual 3D graphics, fun gameplay, and easy to master control.

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The gameplay and management:

The whole game you will always have only then do that “hack and hack”. Before going to the next level, you go back to his castle, where can upgrade weapons, armor, the number of life and their luck, which affects the amount of gold that will fall from the dead enemies. Each level consists of small venues in which you will fight, or collect the treasure. The first enemies you will encounter is a thief. He is able to steal not only gold, but a slice of life, and even the shield, so be careful and destroy these rascals in the first place. After a certain number of arenas, you get to the fire, where you will find the barrel with an infinite number of lives. At the very end of the level you will be expected boss.

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Do not pick immediately in the attack, and try to understand the tactics of the boss, and only after that begin to act. Because, torn forward is almost instant death for you. By the way, when you first start the game you can choose the difficulty level, which will be held game (Casual or Hardcore), and to enable another option, which will make the game even more difficult – “Death forever”. That is, if you once killed, to be reborn, you will not be able. Control in the game is fine, everything is very convenient. On the left is the analog stick, which is responsible for the movement of a character, and the right button is hit.

Download free Trouserheart.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics are top notch and it’s colourful, casual and in the 3D ideal mixture for such a good game. The soundtrack and the sounds are selected very high quality is concerned. To summarize: Trouserheart is a beautiful, fascinating, but, unfortunately, not a very long time-killer, which is interesting to spend time. This is a great game for tablet PC or smartphone, without which run on any device with ARMv7 processor. Enjoy the game!


Download free Trouserheart

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