The game android Hay Day

Game android

Hay Day – is one of the best, today, farming simulator for the Android platform is a game Hay-Day, which, in principle, can offer players all the same as tens of other analogues. But it is really very good game that will allow you to relax, to have a rest from city vanity and to try myself as a real farmer, to process their own land and the construction of various plants, which will allow effectively to process the harvested crops.

android Hay Day

For example, in the game Hay Day v 1.15.39 for Android, you will be able to bake fresh bread and produce all kinds of dairy products. But do not forget about the animals: cows, sheep, pigs, poultry, which will also live on your farm, and which are also in need of care and maintenance. You will have to show all the patience and discipline to organize production and to achieve success, because it is these qualities that are essential to the success of every professional farmer.

Game android Hay Day

By the way, all personally grown and processed at your enterprises, the goods can be resold to other players, and on the obtained money to buy new crops and agricultural techniques.

Game android Hay Day

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