Tank Invaders for android

When we talk about a single tower, it is assumed that the entire defense will be headed exclusively to you and no one else. Only if the classic TD, you can bet a lot of towers and rush across the map to at least somewhere to slow down the enemy, then the answer will be a single stretch of road through which should not pass none! But to attack you will be tanks, as you might guess 😉

Tank Invaders android

Defending their part of the road you should know a couple of things – first you need to understand what to shoot, you have missiles at moving targets, but the rockets are not guided, they go only where you clicked and then have to calculate the trajectory, the time during which the tank will overcome the distance and, in General, to get used to this process. Reaction game develops simply by lightning, because enemies will be a lot, the longer you stay, the more they will become and the harder it will be to destroy them. But the second important thing you need to know – skip at least one tank and the game will end. Its logical end, as the plot, it doesn’t, there’s only task is not to miss anyone!

Tank Invaders for android

The pros of the game Tank Invaders:

– easy to understand game that won’t make us think
– funny graphics and tanks from the 80’s
– develops fingers
– powerful bosses who will not leave you indifferent
– have the ability to upgrade your weapons and getting better
– downloaded for free 😉

Tank Invaders
The cons of the game Tank Invaders:

– there are paid items
– to some it may seem too simple
Conclusion: no need to hide the simplicity of the game no – Yes, it is. Shoot and think about something else, just to relax and kill time. This game was created.


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