Super Mario A on android

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Super Mario Bros is an extremely popular game that I ever heard of everyone and not once, not to know nowadays famous plumber named Mario is simply impossible. The game was released back in 1985 and now to the present time, this game does not cease to delight their fans with a new game in the series. But for those who have no console from Nintendo, we have to rejoice just the old, good Mario, which was passed back and forth, but still not bored. To run the original game, you will need to download a special emulator to find the game and run it. But please, domestic developer under the nickname Vitamin 91 decided to do a remake of the Mario, but only change the graphics and gameplay left as in the original game. Now, you don’t need to download the emulator, and just install the game for Android called Super Mario A.

Super Mario A on android
The gameplay and management:

The essence of the game to explain think is kind of silly, since all know that this is a 2D platformer where you need to run to the end of the level, collecting coins along the way, and destroying all enemies. But to remind some gaming conventions still need, I don’t think everyone remembers all the features and chips games. So, you start with 3 lives, which could be rectified, if you collect 100 gold coins. Seeing the fungus that comes out of a stone block, quickly grab it, because it will make regular Mario Big Mario, who will be able to break even a stone blocks. And if you will be lucky and you will see the fire flower, then grab it as soon as possible because, then Mario will turn into Fire Mario and he will be able bulatsa fireballs, which in turn will allow to destroy the enemies in the distance.

Super Mario A on android

The term of all of these bonuses are unlimited and ends only when you face the enemy. After the collision, you do not die, but just turn into a normal Mario. All the enemies can be killed, just jumping on top of them. Also don’t forget to look into the pipe, because they can be the passes to the secret level. Control in the game is just the upper class, the developer did a good job. Downstairs is a special panel that is placed buttons move left and right button squats (also serves to go down the chimney), a back button, menu, button shot a ball of fire and a jump button. In the settings you can change the size of buttons by selecting the desired mode.

Super Mario  android
Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game looks simply amazing, and the changes were more to do with the quality of models because screens smartphones and tablets are great enough, but it’s still all the same sweetheart eye 8-bit graphics. Soundtrack causes tears of nostalgia and almost makes you cry with happiness. To summarize: ┬áSuper Mario is the best Mario remake, which you will find on your Android. The game is absolutely free, no ads or donation. Enjoy the game!

Super Mario A on android

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