Sparkle Unleashed – Another game in the series Sparkle.

The developers of 10Tons know a lot about the games of the genre ” 3 Match Shooter”, which created such well-known games like Zuma and its many clones. The developers have released two games of the series Sparkle and they can be named the best clones (what an understatement), with beautiful graphics, storyline and beautiful game mechanics. And now, most recently, of their portfolio was increased by one game for Android called Sparkle Unleashed. The game also boasts stunning graphics and special effects, a fascinating game in the best traditions of the genre and easy to master control. The game even has the plot: a beautiful, fairy-tale world was captured by the darkness, and the once beautiful land overgrown terrible trees. You need to fire rescue the light that will free the world from the domain of darkness, and will return the land to its former greatness.

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The gameplay and management:

The gameplay is that you need to withstand three waves, which will be one line with colored balls, which you must destroy, gathered in a series of 3 or more balls of the same color. The game is very much encouraged combo that you can get a nice bonus, which also will save your life. For each level you will have to fill in a special scale of light and after its completion, you will get the key, which will be able to open one of the Power-Ups that will allow you to get new bonuses when performing combos.

Download Sparkle Unleashed

Control in the game sold very easily and comfortably. To shoot in the right place, you just need to touch this place. If you want to make the fire, then you need to press and hold your finger on the screen, and release in that time, when you want to shoot. To change the bulb in the gun, you need to click on the bottom part of the screen. To activate the bonus you need to get him the ball.

Sparkle Unleashed

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game in this series looked better and all this applies to the game, which has excellent detail, colorful special effects and beautiful optimization. Undoubtedly, you will be able to please and beautiful, unobtrusive soundtrack, which is really nice to listen. To summarize: Sparkle Unleashed is a continuation of the series, which must play if you like games of this genre or game Zuma. This is a great game for your tablet PC or smartphone, which you can use and fun to spend your time. Enjoy the game!


Download Sparkle Unleashed free

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