Space Xonix – Legendary Xonix returned…

The first Xonix appeared in the distant 1984 on the PC and was really very interesting and exciting game. Then after a while appeared 3D version of the original game, which also created a furor among players, because, then, casual really were new. And now, beloved Xonix returned, but on a mobile platform. The game has received the name Space Xonix. The game boasts thereby gameplay and mechanics, updated beautiful graphics and a wide range of schemes to control.

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The gameplay and management:

The gameplay is quite simple and understandable for the first time: you need as quickly as possible to fill space special crystalline mass, which sprays your ship. But you need to be careful not to bump cosmic bodies that move chaotically on the playing field. To fill the whole piece field crystalline mass, you need to get the part that is filled was free of cosmic bodies, since, in this case, you simply create a partition. If in time you will be spraying crystalline mass, in a knot would hit a space body, the whole line will crumble and you will have little time to get to the side of the playing field. Otherwise, your ship will be blown up.

Space Xonix

For each passing level you will receive from 1 to 3 stars, as the assessment and to be honest, the complexity of the game is very good, because 3 stars earn very difficult. It is passed when you fill out the light on 100%, but incentive bonus points you get in if not filled by 100%, and is valid for 105% or 109%. About the control scheme, I did not lie and they are really a lot, as much as 4 and completely different from each other. The first control circuit accelerometer sensor, the second one – touch, the third – the controller and the fourth – keyboard. The last two can be connected with a special cable. With accelerometer think everything is clear and this way, by the way, quite convenient. The scheme touches will require getting used to.

Download Space Xonix

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Graphics and soundtrack:

On the graphics developers did their best, and therefore the detail and animation, and special effects, and optimization at a high level. The soundtrack is, unfortunately, no, but you will surely appreciate the excellent sound. To summarize: Space Xonix is a pleasant feeling of nostalgia that spans from the first seconds of the game and not let go until the very end. The game is the best of a difficult and very interesting, and thanks to the modern appearance, like the majority of users. The game is absolutely free, so please support the developers his assessment on Google Play. Enjoy the game!


Download Space Xonix free

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