Sokoban Garden 3D – The most beautiful Sokoban.

Sokoban is a Japanese puzzle game, which might not know a lot of people, which is very unfortunate. Based on the translation, you can already guess what about have to do in the game of this genre. It is logical that you will have to move boxes and set them in their places. Each level is a maze and so you need to consider every move, and then implement it. Such games on Android is not very much, so Sokoban Garden 3D is one of the best in its kind, since it combines not only the original puzzle, but very beautiful 3D graphics.

Download free Sokoban Garden 3D

The gameplay and management:

The gameplay is that you need to place each of the blocks into place on the playing field. A place in which to move the block, marked with a cross. Place the question mark is the hint and it will be only on the first level where you will be trained. For each passing level you get a rating in the form of flowers. The first flower is counted for completing the level, the second – for the minimum number of moves, and the third – for what you have been living without a single return stroke. If you are not able to pass the level, go for tips, which, by the way, only two, so better think, or save them for special occasions. Activating a hint, you immediately pass the level.

Download Sokoban Garden 3D

Below you receive a special panel that controls the playback of action. Click on the Play button and ladybug itself will start to move and to move the blocks in the right order. The game will not cause you trouble because, due to high quality teaching, you get used to the game. To make a Ladybird move, you can touch the right place on the playing field, or move with the help of gestures. To see which way you can move the block, click on it, and then slightly move your finger away. A correct direction will be highlighted in green.

Sokoban Garden 3D

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Graphics and soundtrack:

On the graphics in the game tried just one artist and you want to give him his due, and to Express enormous admiration of the work done: great detail, animation, special effects and great atmosphere. The soundtrack even more reinforced the wonderful atmosphere of the game. Let’s sum up: Yes Garden 3D is the best “Sokoban”, which is now on Android, and competitors with him 100% no, because all of them are significantly inferior to the quality of graphics and gameplay. The game is absolutely free and was designed by only two people, so do not be lazy and leave your positive feedback on Google Play, so please developers. Enjoy the game!


Download free Sokoban Garden 3D

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