Sky Force 2014 – A remake of the best scrolling shooter.

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One of the brightest representatives scrolling shooter on the subject aircraft has been shooter called Sky Force, which was released back in 2004 and became Megahits on the then popular Symbian platform. 10 years passed and the developers of the lovely Studio Infinite Dreams, who gave us Can Knockdown, now released a remake of this hit the shooter. The game was named Sky Force 2014 and boasts an incredibly beautiful 3D graphics, fun gameplay with moderate difficulty, and is also very easy and convenient operation.

Sky Force 2014

The gameplay and management:

So far, the game features only 7’s missions, but with time everything will be supplemented, make no mistake. But take these 7 missions will be really not easy, because the enemies are very much everywhere flying projectiles, and the strength of your plane at the initial stages frankly leaves much to be desired. Plus, at the end you will definitely wait for the boss, who will pour you out all guns so that the reaction will be your true friend. In addition, you have a very good incentive to play through – it is a mission that put you in a certain framework and almost violently forced to do it quickly and efficiently.

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Of course, you can ignore them, but if you want to get maximum points and to brag to your friends, mission to fulfill still have. The game also features energy in the form of aircraft, which will be spent, if you failed the mission, but even if he lost, then the energy recovered very quickly. The main currency in this game – it’s the stars, which you have to collect from the dead enemies, that you could improve your plane. Control in the game is very, very simple. To control the aircraft, press and hold your finger on the screen, and then move in the right direction, to control the aircraft. The aircraft fired automatically. If you remove your finger, mode Slow-mo, you have the chance will include a pause or Vice versa, more precisely, to aim at the enemy.

Sky Force

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics are top notch and are all very nice, bright with plenty of special effects and stunning optimization, which is very, very happy. The soundtrack and the sounds picked up the glory, no complaints. To summarize: Sky Force 2014 is the best remake of a better scrolling shooter, which is now available on Android, with great graphics, fun gameplay and simple controls. The game is free, Donat is missing, so all you have to earn your own hands. Enjoy the game!

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