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Sooner or later, all the hits iOS will come on Android. Game for Android called Hero Siege Wizards finally got out of the clutches of iOS players and moved into the clutches of Android users. If you first hear about this game, then you shouldn’t worry, but it is necessary to know only one thing, that is the world’s number-one hit in the genre of the “Puzzle”. In the game you have for the magician, who was forced to confront a bit too bold and obsessive soldiers from the clan of orcs who had stolen his friends and looted the whole caravan wizards. The game boasts an amazing visual style, beautifully crafted physics, fun gameplay that you fall in love from the first minutes of the game, and is very easy to operate, even easier than in Angry Birds.

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The gameplay and management:

Essentially the game is more like an old flash games like Castle Destroyer, where you have to destroy the huge buildings, inside of which there were people. Everything here is slightly different, because you don’t have to calculate the angle of the projectile, as in the same Angry Birds, and simply click on a point in the design, you want to shoot. But it is easy to be only the first 10 levels, and then begins a really interesting puzzle in which you will have to think carefully and more than once.

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Because, it is desirable to pass each level on a gold star, and to do this, it is necessary to keep in the amount of shots. In addition, your mage has several elements that will allow not just to attack stones, which can destroy any designs, but to resort to more interesting methods in the form of fire power, which can easily burn all alive, and any tree that’s on its way. Believe me, with the power of fire to pass each level will become even easier and more convenient, thanks to the fascinating properties of fire. If the level of the pass you still does not work, then you can resort to the old spell book, which was given by the master but those spells have to pay a large sum of money and it is desirable to use them only in case when all very, very sad. Control in the game is very simple and convenient. To shoot in the desired point, just click at the point and watch what was the result of getting into this already fragile construction.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game looks just perfectly, our domestic artists know their work, and to optimize and does no complaints. The soundtrack is a separate miracle is grateful to the developers, especially inspired by the main theme that plays in the menu. Let’s sum up: Hero Siege Wizards is really one of the best puzzle, where you have the opportunity nicely to destroy the very sturdy construction. The game is free, Donat present, but not significant in the game. Enjoy the game!

Download Hero Siege Wizards for free

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