Shadow Realm for android

Game design which are in the style of shadows is not the first time we meet, with rare exceptions, this approach seems to me a kind of a hack, but people like it, also, saving on the textures and the portrayal of the characters gives a lot of opportunities for the realization of the dynamics and nuances, so we’ll see what happens this time.

Shadow Realm 1

And again RPG on the platform.
Apparently, to somehow diversify the gameplay, because in fact it’s slashers, the developers decided to add elements of role-playing games, not that much, but it’s really a bit helps and supports the interest in the game, because the appearance of this not able to do it. With the plot to do something, unfortunately, not steel, so you just find yourself in a world where the darkness will come into its own and will absorb all life, of course, your task is to stop the darkness.

Kill the next wave of enemies you will get money and other loot, containing both weapons and armor with jewelry. Each hero has their own unique attacks that are implemented shortcuts, just like in MK 😉
It is also worth noting that you can improve any parameter of your character, whether it is some wearing on him a thing or damage caused by shocks, in General – will do.

Shadow RealmFeatures Shadow Realm:

– several characters to choose from, each has unique abilities
– more than two hundred different enemies
– half a hundred items of equipment
– more than 70 levels
– the game feels perfectly without Internet
– interesting design with the “shadows”
– download and play free

The disadvantages of the game Shadow Realm:
– the graphics are not impressive, well, nothing at all
– many Donata who wants and wants to get into your pocket

Summary: great game, but not for everybody. If graphics and drawing for you is not so important, you love fierce battle in the style of the classic slashers, then Yes, this game you will love it!


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