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You look beautiful and fascinating runner? Then you are at the right place, because the game for Android called RunBot will be for you a great finding. The game boasts a stunning 3D graphics, along with an elaborated animation with all modern special effects and stunning gameplay that instantly drops into the soul and simple, user-friendly controls with which you can adapt the player of any rank.

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The gameplay and management:

The game has two game modes is Casual and Hardcore. The first mode is useful for those who just want to quietly in the game and try to beat another record friend from Facebook. But the Hardcore mode is a great test for the true connoisseurs of pain, because, number of obstacles increases several times and energy that you need to collect, are not very many. You should remember two very important rules is to uphold and to monitor the level of energy. Because, our main character is a bot, then the energy he is not infinite, and he will not be able to continue the race, if it falls to zero.

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That game had some sense, were added tasks, doing that you will receive the reward, and also, after each run, the number of points will be added to the points that have been before, to increase the overall score multiplier. We now turn to the gameplay. You need to collect so-called batteries that are blue and purple. First add quite a bit of energy, and the second – two times more. In addition, the level will also across a variety of bonuses, which it is better not to be squeamish. Besides the usual obstacles, you will also disturb the police drones that you need to destroy. In order to somehow protect themselves from enemy bullets, you can activate shield, but note that on his recovery is slow. Management is based on a simple gestures, and get used to it will not be particularly easy due to the sufficient quality education during the first run of the game.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphics – this is one of the main advantages of this game, because, special effects and especially cool animation with elements of parkour is a pleasant and very rare effect “wuauuu!”. The soundtrack was selected very well, he is a dynamic and fits in perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. To summarize: RunBot is a 100% Must Have runner, which will please most Android players, thanks very beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay and simple management. The game is absolutely free, Donat is present, but without it, it is perfectly possible to live. Enjoy the game!


Download free RunBot

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