Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit

About 50 million loadings — such result of the first part of game over which worked much after its release, updated, corrected bugs and let out additions, the second part, most likely, already considers experience of last years and won’t repeat former mistakes, or I am not right?

Road Smash 2 Hot Pursuit

As it isn’t strange, but on the first couples it is possible to tell that the second part turned out much worse than the first… why and why — two questions on which to answer at us it won’t turn out so we will consider game in comparison with the first part as it turned out actually.

For a start It should be noted that the policy of developers didn’t undergo changes, so game still free, but with Donat. Here only the sums which from you will ask a little changed, time so in two… If in the first part content for sale was estimated at the sum from 1 dollar to 80, the second part can please with the prices in the range from 1,8 dollars up to 150, thus quality of game changed for the worse.

Road Smash 2
The physics of behavior of the car changed — it became worse because in the first part there were some rudiments of adequate behavior of a car on the road then they aren’t present in principle to operate, following the results of, it became more difficult and accidents will happen more often. The graphics too doesn’t shine with break, in last part it was it seems simpler, but had the charm and game simply perfectly looked, in new part on the one hand there is more than luster, on the other hand the luster this tense and very strongly affects productivity and an array of problems with optimization under different devices. The game play essentially didn’t exchange, as well as a set of cars, a plot which was tied to last part and many other things, in general it can seem something positive, only that remained from former part from good, but in my opinion it is hack-work.

As a result we receive long-awaited second part which millions of players would be glad to see, but received something worked not enough, worse looking and the operated is worse. So it is necessary to return to the two first questions — “What for?” and “Why??”
Perhaps I am mistaken, but it is difficult to me to present the player who will donatit such money in game which quality leaves much to be desired…


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