Invincible knight – Defend the honor of the Kingdom.

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The middle ages it is known by such words as “knights”, “kings”, “the tournament”… these were the words can describe the game for Android called Rival Knights, which is being developed by Gameloft Studio Montreal. The game boasts a stunning 3D graphics, with very elaborate animation, exciting tournaments, where you will be able to show himself as a brave knight, and very simple operation that can be used starting from the first fight.

Invincible knight
The gameplay and management:

The game has two game modes – this “Tournament” and “arena”. The second mode is opened only after you defeat the first boss. The tournament takes part 5 orders, each of which 5 bosses, you need to win to restore the glory and Majesty of his Kingdom, which is mired in debt and lost his king in time of battle. But before you get to the boss, you will have to fight with all his subjects, who, although weaker, but also can easily beat you. Plus, the game will come across the so-called contest “King of the mountain”, where you need to win all 3 opponents and in any case you cannot lose, because you have to start their career from the very beginning. Also will be out of battle, where you will give to drive in a more steep dosepak, and in the end will open a new thing for purchase in the store.

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The second mode is the same tournament, only between real players, and the award for the victory in this tournament will become the gems that are very expensive and paid currency in this game. All his armor, horse and weapons you can improve for gold, but it will have to spend time waiting for the blacksmith fix everything. In addition, the game features a system of energy, presented to the Royal seals of two kinds – blue and red. Blue is used in online tournaments, and red – in the campaign mode. They quickly restored, so it’s not really a serious problem. Control in the game is simple enough, but it will have to get used to. Before the battle begins, and at the end of last second you need to click on the screen to start up more quickly enemy. Then receive an indicator on which you want to have time to press when the arrow is on the green position. After that, you will see a special area of the attack on the enemy, you want to aim.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game looks simply amazing, developers perfectly implemented Ragdoll physics and animation, and also tried on optimization. The soundtrack sounds perfectly combined with the atmosphere of the game. To summarize: Rival Knights is a very cool game of tournaments, which will delight you with beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, and very simple controls. The game is free, Donat is present, but you can play. Enjoy the game!

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