Rio 2 Sky Soccer

Rio 2 Sky Soccer – arcade toys on the popular cartoon.

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The continuing adventures of the blue ar

This summer they released the cartoon in which we continued to tell the story of the rarest representatives of the feathered Kingdom. Birds of 1 part of the cartoon appeared in one part of the game angry birds, for the second part of the developers was not too lazy to create a separate project. During the plot of the narrative, it turns out that blue ary not so rare as was thought in the beginning and they have an extensive family, and they have competitors, ary red, which tied the conflict. In the details of the plot of the cartoon to go will not, if you’re interested, you better show yourself, just to say that all differences in the bird Kingdom is commonly solved using a football match, of course the birds are not running under the ground so football has undergone some changes.

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The game is not too challenging arcade. From football there was indeed little, there are two modes of play, 1 represents a company, 2 competition. In campaign mode you will find a considerable number of levels, each of which you will be required to score a goal, the grid is stretched from one side of the screen, and on the other hand will be your characters, face, everything is familiar, were added only the kids of the main characters. You will need to aptly convey passes, bringing the ball to the goal, on the way you will find a gold star, and at the end of the road aptly to score a goal.

Rio 2 Sky Soccer for Android

All in all given a limited number of moves, if you meet all three criteria, for completing the level you will get 3 stars and honor and respect. The second game mode is a simple contest where your gate opponents will be located opposite each other, who has scored more goals another one and won. Control in the game is very simple, you will enjoy a long-established principle of virtual slingshot, while aiming you will show the trajectory of the ball, ne and is well worth considering.

Rio 2 Sky Soccer
Framed game brightly, but rustic. Would like a better animation, and the whole picture could be made much more interesting. But not badly matched voice, basic again on the original cartoon.

Rio 2 Sky Soccer – the game was good, but Miocene simple. Maybe it’s because it is designed primarily for children.

Download Rio 2 Sky Soccer for Android

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