RedShift – save the town from a terrible disaster.

Game for android

Not often we suggest that the original games for Android, even rarer is the originality combined with simplicity. But this is the case, and we were not offered something, and action in a pure form, genre almost forgotten. The plot is on a power station catastrophe has taken place, in which all personnel died, and left unchecked power, the kernel will explode after a few minutes, if it is not disabled. Because you are the only survivors, it is on your shoulders to lie this is not an easy task, but if you miss, die residents of the whole city.

Game for android RedShift

You have a good memory

The game begins with the fact that you are somewhere in the corridors of the station, in order to disable the kernel need to find five remotes and normalize them from the system, and to find quickly, for everything you have three minutes, but the timer to show you never will know how much time is left before the explosion, you can only while in another console, although it is worth to say thank you, flying figures only unnerved. What is difficult in such a simple task, you say? The problem is, the station is a real maze of corridors and rooms, the map will be opened only where you have been but the location of the panels is not known. So you have to run through the corridors, opening all the doors in the hope that you have time to find all.

android RedShift

To have to rely mostly on luck. There is another problem, after the accident in the corridors started fires and pass through the wall of fire, you can’t. Fortunately the fire extinguishers are stored in various lockers and cupboards in numerous rooms, and it’s only on their inspection have to spend precious time. Control in the game elementary, at the edges of the screen are two buttons in charge of the movement in different directions, above them two more buttons, which changes its function depending on the situation and allows for example to open the doors or use the fire extinguishers.

Game RedShift


Be not deceived two-dimensional graphics, the picture does not look too pretty, but forget about it in a minute, the creators managed to convey far more important is the atmosphere. Blazing here and there a fire, endless corridors, alarm, all this makes you nervous and in a hurry, and this is much more important than the quality of textures.

Game for android RedShift

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