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If you’ve been looking for an excellent Drag Racing, which would be tied mainly on multiplayer battles, you will certainly notice the game for Android called Racing Rivals. This game can be considered a benchmark of quality games, because the main thing in the game not only ordinary win the competition against bots, and runs with the real players who can make a mistake that unlike bot gives you a huge advantage. In addition, the game boasts beautiful 3D graphics, a large fleet of licensed cars, developed system of online battles, fun gameplay, in which it is necessary not only to earn money on the race, but it is necessary to upgrade your car, and easy to learn is running by which to win the race will be even easier.

Racing Rivals

The gameplay and management:

The game has 4 modes of play Tournament, Random races, Team battle and the Player vs Player. In the first mode, you just have to win the most common race against bots (guarantee of victory is well-tuned machine). In the second mode, you are given machine from partners and you have to win bot (almost mode, which is available for free earn money). In the third mode, you can participate only if you are in command. The team, you can join at any level, but no one will guarantee that you’ll receive, because every team has its own commander, who will determine whether you will enter into it or not.

Racing Rivals

The last mode is the race with real players, for which you can raise a very good money by betting. But be careful, if you fail to check in and when this will put too much money, then you go in minus. Also, the developers said that if everything goes really bad, then you can select and the car to pay the debts. The game is based on the simple pressing virtual buttons. Before the arrival be ready to press the Launch button, but the press only when the green light. Otherwise, you will be disqualified. Then pay attention to a special speed indicator and switch the speed when the green indicator.

Racing Rivals

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics are performed at the highest level, drill machine is very good, the animation and physics more or less realistic animation is smooth and not shaky, optimization is good, although some users complained about the glitches. The soundtrack and the sounds of the motor are selected very high quality. To summarize: Racing Rivals is very cool online battles in which interested and want to join because, the spirit of competition is always present. The game is free, Donat is present, but the influence on the game seems to be not too strong. Enjoy the game!


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