Race the Traffic Nitro

I have to say that the game as two drops of water similar to the last part seems a lot, such as name, added just one word, the gameplay has not changed too, still graphics, physics, the goal of the game, even avatar, the application is also similar to the last, the machine only has changed… the Road is still strange, all the cars are still moving in the same direction, in spite of the double solid, it’s strange, but totally irrelevant in the game.

game android Race the Traffic Nitro

What has changed in this part of the game?
For a start, have changed the fleet, which initially you could, of course, will not be able to use all have a lot of play to earn a cool car. And apparently this is very important, there was a button “nitro”, may be it was the reason to release a new part of the game and be sure to mark this moment in her name! The button needs to be accelerated, thus earning even more points… so far I have noticed nothing new.

The gameplay.
As has been said, little has changed. To go you should still ahead, the higher the speed the faster you gain points, the races take place on time, so no matter what speed you drive – time is ticking away. You can brake and accelerate again appeared button “nitro”, which gives a great boost of energy and speed, nitro builds up yourself, you just need to keep moving forward. The accident allowed, but each accident robs you of life, if life will end sooner than the time you allotted, you lose, so sometimes it’s better to slow down.

game Race the Traffic Nitro
The advantages and features of the game Race the Traffic Nitro:

– nothing has changed, in this case, it is well
– there are three game modes
– more than a dozen cars (among which the new Porshe)
– nice graphics
– easy to understand
– the game is free

Race the Traffic Nitro
The disadvantages of the game Race the Traffic Nitro:
– as in the last part is some uncertainty inherent in many time-killers
– machines are still not enough
– there are paid


Conclusion: a good game that will use no less popular in comparison with the last part and last part of the sold amount exceeding 5 million! So what choice do we have, anyway, the game will be popular!


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