Rabbit Jungle Run

Having looked at this primitive game at once it is possible to tell that it is designed for children, adults here a little that can interest because on primitiveness she can arrange even ancient platformers on the dandy. By the way this raner too is made as a platformer and raner it to call difficult as loudspeakers it is small here.

game android Rabbit Jungle Run

The plot of game rotates round one forest inhabitant — a rabbit, and all of us know that rabbits love carrot and as soon winter, stocks are necessary, here you also will go to his companies them to collect. Game won’t cause any problems with passing, simply collect carrot, jump where also everything is necessary, all levels have the beginning and the end that too isn’t strongly similar on a raner, collected carrot is points so try to collect as much as possible.

As well as game, registration in it too primitive, graphics quite bright and positive so it will be pleasant to children, but besides, remarkable isn’t present anything here, there is a feeling that to game of years 10…

game Rabbit Jungle Run

Features of the game Rabbit Jungle Run:

– simple game — simple management
– there is an opportunity to disconnect a sound…
– three episodes and happy many levels in everyone
– complexity of levels increases
– it is a lot of positive and the happy end
– game free

Rabbit Jungle Run
Shortcomings of the game Rabbit Jungle Run:
– in game it is full of advertizing, and you know as children like to stick into it

Result: as well as it was supposed — you shouldn’t expect something from game fascinating and tightening, but it can quite be pleasant to some children so check who knows that from this will turn out 😉



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