Power MP3 Audio

MP3 amplifier android

The program amplifier volume of sound MP3 for Android devices.

MP3 amplifier android
Some users are not satisfied with the volume of your device. The program “Power MP3” will help to increase the volume of the ringtone of your favorite music as much as 8 times. It does not need any special knowledge to work with complex audio programs now quite a couple of times to press a few buttons and voila – your ringtone became much louder. MP3 amplifier does not change the sound settings for your Android – it enhances music files themselves, and does not change the original but only creates reinforced their copies and saves to an SD card.

MP3 amplifier android
The only condition is that all usilyeniye files must be in MP3 format. It should also be noted that the excessive amplification – can distort the sound of ringtones or songs, as well as that treatment program “Power MP3 can take a long time-dependent long tracks and hardware of the device. The app is totally free and so may display ads. That would get rid of it – you just disable the Internet. In short if you want to make your Android louder application Power MP3 for you.

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