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Edge of  Tomorrow Game – great free shooter known company Warner Bros, which was prepared specially for the exit of the same movie. The game goes on the near future in which our earth will face the threat of being destroyed, and you should do everything in order to stay alive.

Edge of Tomorrow

So, an unknown alien race from other planets have landed on Earth, and immediately taking over the case, beginning mercilessly destroy the human race. Your character, belongs to a group of elite soldiers, performs dangerous and difficult missions to destroy unwanted guests aliens. From now you have to be always on the alert, to show his skill, dexterity and accuracy, only in this case you will have a chance to save his life. But since, according to the rules of the game, you just inexperienced Lieutenant-Colonel, who knows what is a battle solely in theory, then you’ll have not a very sweet. The main thing is not to lose heart, because your character has a great ability to die, but after this to come up again.

Edge of Tomorrow

In the game Edge of Tomorrow Game v1.0.0 for Android together with you will also be other Marines, but to rely on them too much and not worth it. Your gun – machine and something similar with similar grenade launcher, with your ammo supply would be limited, and to look for new ammunition you need right where you will be, taking into account the persistence of alien creatures, ammunition rarely be missed. The right part of the screen the game is responsible for the review, its left part responsible for the shooting. In the case that in your field of sight was the enemy, fire on it will launch automatically, which makes everything much easier.

Edge of Tomorrow

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On the whole the game is not so difficult. Separately it is necessary to note good graphics of the game. The effects of explosions and confusion on the battlefield, the model – all this transmitted very good and realistic, so if you want to try to plunge into the world of war and battle against the evil beings – Edge of Tomorrow Game is what you were looking for.

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