Plane Shooter 3D War Game

The last time that neither Tyr comes to Android so all about zombies! Well at least offer something neutral, like a clay pigeon shoot or banks. And now the developers have decided us to please and made a target in the form of aircraft. Firing at them will certainly not from a sniper rifle, a weapon will give you more seriously.

Plane Shooter 3D War

The main thing is to shoot down! And these things will be given

Logically,we should move in a certain hot spot where enemy aircraft were finally lost the fear and flies right over the heads of your colleagues. To return them that fear you were called. What you will give as a weapon is not clear, for anti-aircraft guns it is somehow not enough for the sentry gun is not enough, whatever it was, but it’s a tool you can modify and improve, and then simply change it to another. For all of this of course you need money, they pay a downed aircraft. The game has a mission and probably each of them provides a minimum of downed enemies, but where can I see these terms for me remains a mystery.

Plane Shooter  War

The aircraft will be different types and some of them will be on you mercilessly shoot, which is extremely unpleasant, not so much due to the decrease in health as due to the fact that in the moment you show a red flash on the screen which is very annoying. Management in Ugra at the same time easy and difficult, the fire will be displayed automatically as soon as the sight will seem to the plane, but first put the sight on the plane itself is difficult, and secondly it needs to be in sight for some time to hold on to attack began, and this is doubly difficult. Change management cannot, moreover, it is one of the few games where there are no settings as such.

Plane Shooter 3D
The beauty of the picture to impress us will not be, all painted a simple, but without any obvious flaws, which is not bad for the games of the middle class. To attack you will several models of airplanes and one helicopter, but apparently to purchase a license, the developers did not dare, so it will be some kind of abstract planes.

Plane Shooter 3D War

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