Pixlr Express photo editor

Pixlr Express great photo editor for Android.

Pixlr Express photo editor
With the application Pixlr Express you can easily edit your images and apply a variety of effects to your pictures. Many options for processing photos are available in Pixlr Express for free. Whiten teeth, remove red eye, rotate, resize, crop – all this is at your disposal in this fotoi program. The app will give you the option of 600 different effects for your photos – and with them you to neuznavaemosti can professionally personalizzati images very easily, even if you have never edited fotografii earlier. Thanks to Alexander Zhuravlev for detailed review Pixlr Express.

Pixlr Express photo editor android


* Edit: resize, crop, rotate images with ease.
* Remove red eye, and tooth whitening with the help of simple manipulations.
* Korrektirovke: strengthen the tone, cool it, or add a surreal shades.
* Light effects: darken, add sparkle to adjust the intensity of any effect.

Pixlr Express photo
File track different styles: you can choose the one which suits you.
File track professional effects, such as blur coordination, noise removal, and much more.
* The adjust contrast, brightness, or to prefer one color with the color splash.
File track, add your favorite effects and overlays to your list of favorites using special buttons.
* Opportunity to send their work to the friends in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
* Select photo for processing directly from the gallery and the opportunity to immediately begin to apply the filters.
file track When a camera is available, you can snap a new photo to the application Pixlr Express.

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